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NASCAR returns to its grain alcohol roots. In a match made in [America] heaven NASCAR and American Ethanol teamed up to start using grain alcohol (ethanol)
not as a drink but as a renewable component of the race fuel used to power
not only the cars on the track but energy independence and American farming
and manufacturing.

Originally there was to be just one :30 spot which is why conceptually these might
not hang together that well. But the client loved these two concepts of the three presented so much that they “found” the money to do both. Then once we were in the edit suite there was so much great film to use that we ended up also doing a
:60 of the tractor idea.

Shooting on location in Daytona and Tennessee in the dead of winter presented many unique challenges. Snow and lack of green vegetation being the biggest. We worked around the lack of green vegetation with some creative angles and using a warm gold color treatment of the film. And–if only in our minds–the back story that it is the beginning of spring just before everything should be green and lush. We dealt with the snow by moving the shoot back a week and then changing shoot day order–shooting the barn scenes earlier in the week. Then, the judicious use of straw to cover snow and leaf rakes to break up the snow so it would melt more quickly. Not too many people in this world can say that they raked snow on Charlie Daniel's farm. It is a very exclusive club.



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